Bob is the world’s wisest life coach. He has lived many lives under many identities. As a young man, he escaped the First Eritrean Civil War with a fortune in historic artifacts but lost it all when he forgot the combination to his self-storage unit. He was executive producer of the most popular telenovela in Bolivia until a he-said she-said incident forced him to resign. He joined an order of Zen Buddhist monks in the Himalayas but was ejected for snoring during meditation. Today, he is the proprietor of the Weed World dispensary in San Francisco and the inventor of the Bobcoin cryptocurrency.

At a time when people are more disconnected than ever, The Bob Show is a beacon in the darkness, a flame that draws the lonely moths of the night. Each week, Bob and his co-host, Justin, spin yarns late into the evening and take calls from listeners who may sound vaguely familiar. Somehow, the show consistently receives the most amazing calls of any podcast. Any topic is fair game–from business to bigfoot, from love to larceny. Got a question or comment? Call the Bobphone and join the conversation! The show is available wherever you get podcasts. Please rate, review, and subscribe.